Fridays is my days.

I've had my fill of hundred degree days, so I decided to get out and cool my feet in an east side stream for a bit this afternoon.

I fished a section I'd been on before, but kept on exploring further down stream to see what was to be found. Turns out some really nice trout water is what was to be found. Plenty of ankle deep sections with a few nice deep runs thrown in for good measure.

I fished my way downstream with a small amount of success. I did hook into the biggest fish I've seen in my time here, but lost it before I could get much more than a long distance look at it.

As the afternoon wore on I decided to turn around and fish my way back upstream. As I was standing mid stream tying on a trusty stimulator I heard something moving about in the bushes. Between the trees maybe 15 yards away I could see the big eyes of a deer staring at me, wondering what the hell that two legged freak was doing in her watering hole. She snorted at me a few times and when I didn't leave she slowly made her way back into the wheat field from whence she came.

I'm not sure if it was the time of the evening, or if they were just hungry for surface bugs, but the stimulator really lit them up. In one run I just kept hooking up one after the other, many of them pretty decent size for this little piece of water.

Not real big, but enough to put a healthy bend in my 2wt. The fella pictured above was the first in a string of four or five in quick succession that were his size or better. I didn't want to leave, but it was getting time to head back.

It's so strange to me to have all these wonderful little squiggles of water out here amdist the sage brush and wheat fields. I do miss living in Seattle sometimes, but I really love having all this open space to explore and enjoy without feeling cramped and crowded. Oh, and it's nice to get back to my truck with all it's windows in tact, too. :p

Pic with those clear nets look great. I need to look into one soon.

Looks like a decent sized stream, and some nice fish in it too! Having any luck with the parachute flies?
Admittedly I haven't yet tried fishing the parachutes yet. I'm kinda stuck on the stimulators at the moment. I do want to give em a shot soon, though, I've tied a few.

Oh, and thanks to your heathen ways, my best fly of the evening was a stimulator tied with purple dubbed body. At least until I lost it in one of those overhanging trees on the right bank in my first pic.
I like stimulators too, but have trouble seeing them. Lately I've also been trying the Turks Tarantula. If it gets submerged you can let it swing across the current or strip it upstream a bit. I think the orange one might be deadly this fall.