Hoh and Sol Duc River

Hey everyone, Im planning go to the Hoh and Sol Duc River this week with my new spey rod a 8wt 13' with a Rio skagit line and I was wonder if u guys can give me any suggestion on flies and color combination for steelhead whether is tube or wet fly. I will give a good report short after I come back and if any person is planning in going and wanna go pm me. Im a new spey caster so Im not expert and new to steelheading just move to the Fort Lewis area. Any help will be greatly appreciate thanks and tight lines.

Semper Fidelis
The Hoh has been in pretty good shape lately, but it is going to get hot tomorrow. That will cause the visibility to get bad.
The Sol Duc is very low and clear. There are fish spread out everywhere. Most are using floating lines with smaller flies now. Any color you are confident in will work as good as any. Move around and cover
a lot of water. There are also some Coho in the Sol Duc.

Good luck