Runnining line? Amnesia?

Hi i need some help/advice about running line on my new spey outfit, I have a skagit 600gr head and I got the Amnesia as a running line because was cheap, but now im hesitating a lil. Has anyone use Amnesia as a running/shooting line before? or what running line u guys can suggest me. Thanks in advance any help will be greatly appreciate. Tight lines

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I've never used Amnesia. But I'm hardly the most experienced spey guy.

My friends (and many folks on speypages) are real high on Miracle Braid, so I got that. Some people are annoyed at the sound it makes in the guides or the roughness on cold hands, but that stuff doesn't bother me. I have Slick Shooter on my trout/switch spey, for whatever that is worth.


I was introduced to Amnesia, as a shooting/running line, a few years back by Brian (K2flyfisher). It is all I use now for summer and winter. 30# red.
Thanks Josh and TallFlyGuy for the advice, and TallFlyGuy thats what I got on my reel right now 30# Amnesia Red. I was worry about the casting and the Amnesia cutting the shooting head loop under tension. I have the both attach with a loop to loop connection because the line already come with a welded loop. Thanks again for the advice
Thanks Luke u guys give me the confidence so I'll be using my Spey outfit for first time tomorrow at blue creek in the Cowlitz river and maybe the Kalama River too, then in the weekend at the Hoh and Sol Duc River. Thanks everyone
Amnesia 30# is all I've been running last couple seasons and couldn't be happier.... Unless all the local shops would carry it on the shelf. Always carry a spare spool on you and change her out if it gets conpromised. I stepped on mine in studded boots and cut right through it, was thankful I had a spool in my waist pack. Every time I cast someone elses setup that utilizes actual Spey running line it blows me away. Mono is much easier handling and a pleasure to fish IMHO. Doubtful ill ever find a need to go back.
Oh and I use a non slip mono loop on either end, 4 wraps and never had one fail on fish or snag. Double surgeons for the backing and factory loops or braided loops for shooting heads. Works great.
Amnesia is great. Another good cheap option is 40lb Berkley Big Game. It's an excellent running line - lots of folks in BC and WA use the stuff.
Varivas shoots really, really well but I just switched my worn out Varivas for Berkley Big game to save money this time around.
I heard some business about Amnesia not being made anymore, not sure about that.
The SA floating mono is the business, the Rio slickshooter is another alternative