salmon shark


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No but I would love to. Let me know if you're putting a trip together as I would be very interested. Got the gear, just need the location (and time! :)).

I think Jake Jordan has a bit of a write up on his website.
I've never fished FOR them in Alaska, but up here in the Haida Gwaii where I'm working right now we run into them. We're right next to the Alaskan panhandle and when you get one close enough, you think you've hooked a Great White, ha.
I'm not sure what their range is, but up in the Haida Gwaii in our area they are defs in fishable numbers. sometimes they roll in so thick you can't drop for halibut or even cut plug because they cut you off or grab your hali set up. Right now the blue sharks are everywhere and are actually quite annoying...