8119 vs 8116

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Andy D, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. Andy D

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    I plan to be looking at getting another two hander for winter work. I am interested in sage tcx8119 and one 8116. I was curious if anyone out there has had the opportunity to cast both of these and can compare and contrast them for me. I will be using it for smaller rivers, situations with limited casting room, and windy conditions. I want a rod that can cast 13ft of t14 or 10ft of t17. Any help would be appreciated.

    Andy D
  2. fredaevans

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  4. Andy D

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    thank you both for the input
  5. Matthew Gulbranson

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    I have the 8119 and love it. I use a 540 skagit switch and it'll cast 13' of T whatever with anything you want to tie on the end with ease. Plus it's not a broomstick. Lot's of feel with tons of reserve power. I can't get enough of this rod, honestly. I really enjoy the short compact casting stroke and as much distance as I'll ever need for winter.
  6. Andy D

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    Thanks Matthew that helps a lot