I went out to kayak point today and this morning I had a salmon on for a min but it broke my leader. Than I moved to the little cove and caught a bunch of what I believe to be little cod. The afternoon and incoming tide gave me about a dozen little cod.... No SRCs or anymore salmon. I was using white over green clouser flies, and pink over green clouser flies. I have pretty much only been a river guy until now but that salmon this morning was pretty sweet. I would really like to get into more salmon and SRCs if at all possible. If anyone would like some company and beer of your liking and wouldn't mind showing me what the hell Im doing I would really enjoy and appreciate it. Or any tips people can give me on here would be sweet also! ( flies, type of water, stripping tactics). I am also having trouble finding any public beaches. It seems like most the beaches are not public..... Thanks for any help