MA-5 Report (Aug. 14-15th)


MA-9 Beach Stalker
I went on vacation with family last week and did a bit of fishing as time allowed. On Tuesday and Wednesday my brother and I rented a small boat at Sekiu to troll flies for surface feeding silvers early in the morning. Unfortunately, very few silvers were in close at Sekiu the days we fished it and we had no hook ups. We saw a couple of decent silvers jump early in the morning on Tuesday, but we could get no grabs when we stopped to cast. Not much bait near Sekiu at the time and there was a nasty algae bloom that clouded the water. We only saw a few chinook caught by the gear/bait guys in the 6-12 pound range. Wednesday morning we gave up on the salmon and jumped a bunch of black rockfish in the kelp beds. My brother and I each hooked up on some surprisingly big fish on our 6 weights and had a blast, landing 9-10 fish each in a short amount of time. Twice big fish over powered us and wrapped our clousers into the bull kelp. We kept a couple for dinner that night and they were quite tasty (don't worry, none were freezer burned).
Black Rockfish #2.jpg

Black Rockfish #1.jpg
Nice work on the sea bass. Yeah the silvers can run a bit deeper by the time they hit sekiu sometimes making it tough to get them on the fly. We ran into the same sort of bloom on our last day at Neah Bay a week or two ago definitely slowed the fishing way down as the fish could not see our flies very well, probably only three foot vis on the surface.