Light biters

Well, THAT streak is over. Very quiet today. I did see a fellow board member pick a nice one up just as the current started looking better...but I don't want to steal his thunder.
Yep 1 for 1 for me today. Caught another shaker shortly after that would almost count but I'll leave it 1:1. :) Very slow this morning. Started picking up a bit just before 8 and the action slowed again by about 9. Caught the fish on a tube clouser, chartreuse over shrimp fish scale material.
BTW, Josh I assume you're the Josh I met in the parking lot this AM. Sorry, it was early and I didn't make the connection at the time :confused: Nice to meet you.
Nice job Mt! I tried to drag my butt out of bed to hit it before work but I was just too tired. Sounds like I didn't miss too much but very glad you stuck one!
Below is as good of a picture as I've got. It looks good in the water and opens up a bit in between strips. Very simple...just some Fishair and Fish Scale.

Hi Sci,
I notice your stinger hook is way back beyond where the tube and junction tubing end. Is that just because it was puled out when taking the fish off or if that is how you get it to sit when fishing, how do you do that? Also,I can not tell the difference in your fly between the fishair and fish scale. What part is what? Ie are you using mostly fishair and just some fishscale as accent?
Good job on the fishing.
I'm guessing the hook just came out of the holder during the process of catching the fish. I have tied some tubes recently one protube flextubes and tie them with a longer tube section so that the hook sits further back.

I was wondering the same thing about the fly, but it looks like the wing is the fish scale (you can see the crinkled flash in it). Maybe the belly is then the fishair. I'm not familiar with fishair though.


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I was transported to Alaska for about 15 minutes this morning...

...and when I returned, there he was, The Legend, showing a Dime Bright slab of chrome exactly who rules the beach.

Regarding the fly, I've been mixing materials lately. For first light I'm using all Fish Scale and for later on it is about a 50:50 mix with Fishair. Fish Scale seems too flashy when the sun is hitting the water. Yes, as Matt said, the hook had pulled out of the holder/connecter...but not by much. I position the hook way back such that only the longest fibers stretch out beyond the bend of the hook. That said, I'm not really sure the specific fly pattern and/or material(s) matters all that much. Shock & Awes tied the usually way with Slinky Fibre are working well are stinger Clousers.
Nice work Bill!! I planned to hit it early but work problems kept me up till after midnight and I couldn't drag myself to early. Will give em hell tonight.