Bank fishing in the canyon

aaron j

I'm thinking about trying the Yakima in the canyon in the next few weeks from the shore. Anybody out there have some advice about where to start, tactics, etc? Would sure appreciate any info.
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Your best bet would be to call Orvis, Kaufmanns or an Ellensburg fly shop to see what the latest details are. I have head that so far most guys are using streamers/buggers and the hatches have not appearred (hard to believe with the stretch of warm weather we had a little while back), perhaps because of the cold water. I'd go anywhere and try it out...first to go is first to know.

Rob Blomquist

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I fished the Yak up by Cle Elum on Saturday and all the regulars were looking for the appearance of the BWOs at noon, and I saw a few March Browns, but in today's wind I'm not surprised that little came off.

I hear the canyon has been getting some good hatches.

See the worley-bugger website for more info.


Paul Huffman

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On windy days, the skwala dries have been working for me. I went up Thursday night, April 4, a warm and calm
evening, and the only bite on was the ticks. Seems like it's between hatches. When are the March brown's
ever going to start?
I think if you head out to fish the canyon, you should fish near the Umtanum recreation area in the lower canyon. There is a green bridge there and you can cross it and walk up or down. If there's bugs on the water,it won't matter which way you choose to walk- there will be fish. If there aren't many bugs, strap on a double nymph rig and fish it at least 5 feet under an indicator along the bank and then work outward from there. Most of the fish will be within 25 feet of the bank. If you don't have luck, just drive along the canyon and look for likely spots. The water is high but you can find good foam lines and riffles if you look close. Good luck-
Bryan's approach is a good one. Watch the flows though...if you fish on a day when there is a sharp increase in flows the fishing is practically guaranteed to be slow. I heard the March Browns have started to show at the lower end of the canyon. Once the water stabilizes, the fishing will pick up (hopefully to the level of the bwo hatches we had a few weeks ago.
aaron j

Thanks, Bryan, and everyone else for the helpful advice to a first timer in the canyon. Driving through on Easter weekend, there seemed to be quite a few good spots along the bank, and even wadeable riffles. Not many drifters yet, but I'm sure as the water warms, the bugs will come, and so will the fishing. I'll give a report--may also try some of the places around Soap Lake; no need to name them.
aaron j


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I'd try right nest to the bank with nymphs, I mean real close like right under the grass. If the nymphs don't work try a wooley bugger, you might not catch a lot but the big boys will really grab a big ole bugger. I've caught a lot of big fish in the 18" and up range doing this. That's not to say you are going to land them all they will use the stronger river flow to their advantage, but it's a lot of funtrying to keep up them! :THUMBSUP