uggg, cedar river?

I got back from MT last week and have been fustrated. I have tried everything in my box and can't match the match. If you have had luck the last couple nights please help. Thanks!
I fished it for a few hours today. Some action on hare's ears, copper johns and stone flies, but not all that much. 8 small fish to hand in 4.5 hours all in the 6-10 inch range. Lost one fish about 13" only a few feet from me. The river was not nearly as active (fish or insect wise) as when I was last there 3 weeks ago.
I've fished the cedar a grand total of 5 days. Based on my experience I didn't have to get fancy with nymphs or dry flies. The basic nymphs worked well and the attractor patterns seemed to produce better than the match the hatch dries.


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Two weeks ago, I had a really great evening on a PMD emerger just before dark. Once I semi-matched the mayflies going off, I was getting vicious strikes every minute or so.

However, a few nights ago, the fish were going nasty just under the surface and the same tactics didn't produce. I tried three to four different emergers and never quite hit it. I was guessing they were chomping on Caddis as that was the one emerger I didn't have in my box.

My guesswork anyway.

- Troy
I was actually out there on Sunday afternoon, hiking around here and there to different spots. Didn't see a single fish rise or get a hit on a nymph going deep. There were a lot of people out on the water though, which most likely didn't help much but spook fish. Tried a PMD and Elk Hair Caddis and nothing.
Wow....That's a sad bar graph...Why such the dramatic decrease in the number of redds? You think they could be missing a few trout here and there in their counts?

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Yes the cedar is a terrible place to not fish it...there are no will not enjoy it...your car will be broken into...

and no that is not me, or Stewart, or Tim Allen having a blast with no one else around on the cedee, nope, not us, not us all, never saw us, weren't here, definitely not me...