salmon on saturday?

I'm going to be up on Camano too. I've volunteered to run the safety boat for the sail cam isle sailboat race. I was thinking of bringing some fly gear for before or after the race, but I'm not sure where to fish.


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Buddy has a house up there on a private beach so I figure'd I'd bring my rod up and throw out a few casts. He crabs there all the time out of a little row boat and does really well; maybe I'll catch something. Been there a few times in the past but never with my rod. I have seen surface action before, and now after learning more about fish its probably SRC's but maybe I'll hook into a nice silver or something!

Sorry to "hijack" your thread, but I think I'll just throw out some clouser minnows and try my luck. If any of you have a different suggestion/experience up on camano send me a PM please -- thanks.
I worked up there for a few years and crabbed pretty much every day of the season, but aside from a few feeble attempts at the passing pinks I never fished for salmon or SRCs.