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IMG_0167.jpg IMG_0161.jpg IMG_0075.jpg 18316[/ATTACH] "THE COACHMEN".
I hope this Salon subject will "fly" with you guys. It seems to me that this WFF thing reaches a lot of people not only here in Western Washington but throughout the State and across the Country and just about everywhere else. I thought that a COACHMAN style fly might cover a good range of types of flies for different fish. Also, of late, there has been interest in fly tying expressed by some new comers to the forum and what better a group of flies to learn on than Coachmen. For veteran tiers it is a good one too. So, by Coachman style I mean the traditional Royal Coachman, Fanwing Coachman, Leadwing Coachman, Coachman, Coachman Streamer, Coachman Wet etc. A Royal Wulff is a Coachman style fly. Or, develop your own Coachman style fly. Hope this will be an acceptable Salon subject.

SALON - What it is and how it works

Here is what would be my entry were I not judging; a Calftail Coachman Steelhead fly tied last night. Photo quality not so good. Camera kaput, had to use cell phone.
never participated in the fly salon before. what the deal? Flies of your own development based on the theme, or established flies based on the theme, or both?

I'd like to get in on the action without screwing it up




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polar bear and black bear....that was the idea behind the swap
get ya going

has me tying spey flies again have not done alot of them
makes me wanna tie up a few and go hit a river somewhere

I always try to read the theme and then get right to the vice

funny you picked up on the bad hook I honestly didnt even notice until I looked at the pictures