FS Rods & Reels Up For Sale

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pics 020.jpg pics 027.jpg pics 032.jpg IMG_20121121_114842.jpg View attachment 22763 IMG_20121121_115450.jpg IMG_20121121_115550.jpg RODS

G Loomis Streamdance GLX 9' 4WT $395.00 Now $350 SOLD
Abel 9' 4WT (Comes with saltwater reel seat & small fighting butt) $295 Now $250
G Loomis RoaringRiver Stinger 7/8 GLX 12'6" 3 Piece Spey (have matching line) $425 SOLD
Orvis Helios Switch 11' 7wt (have matching line) $450 SOLD


Galvan Torque T-3 Clear $250 Now $210 SOLD
Abel Big Game Super 7 in Bronze $360 SOLD
Galvan Torque T-10 Black $360 SOLD

Too many gears and not enough time to do it all. Items are either new or in excellent condition. Please PM or text to 206-859-9950 with any questions or offers.
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Shawn, thank you for the TXL! It was in flawless condition. I used it at Rattlesnake creek this weekend and caught a ton of trout on it. It's now my favorite 3 weight. I'm impressed how well you take care of your equipment. I owe you a beer or coffee when we go fishing together.
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