Pass on Sunday


Indi "Ira" Jones
I'll be there in my green 10' Spring Creek Pram Hopper II. Feel free to come on over and say high. I am more than willing to share some of my vertical presentation knowledge.
OT list came out a bit ago and I am off this weekend. My fiance is off as well. She will be joining me Sunday for a Pass lake adventure. Look forward to seeing ya.

Scott Salzer

previously micro brew
I just may try to make it. Always open to new knowledge. Not sure if I'll take the Walker Bay or outcast.

When are you planning to be there?

Wish I could make it Sunday and learn from Darth Vader himself but I can't. I am planning on being there Monday or Tuesday depending on the grouse hunting. Don't scare the fish too badly. I'll be fishing deep and horizontally. :)
Oh, man, Scott, you're ruthless.:eek:
Have to help the wife with her business so I don't have any chance of escape. You can come Sunday, bunk at our house and fish again on Monday.
No grouse yet, first outing will be next week. Camping at Deception Pass starting Monday and hitting some close area one of three days, fishing the other two.


Indi "Ira" Jones
I posted in the main forum, but in case you are looking here, I have an open seat. PM me if you are interested.
We decided to head over today and get a motel. That way can stop at Cabelas to use my gift cards for a few things I need plus we can get on the water at first light. So stoked to be fishing Pass again!
Just about that time I was leavingPass. Took about 2 hours to get home.
Fished from 7:00-5:00 pm. You all should have a fun time if my day was any indication. Locating them was difficult, but once you do, they keep funneling through.
Only saw a couple people fishing. Lots of kayaks I found them deep about 1-2' off the bottom. Caught them on a black holo 12 & 14's. After a couple lulls, I found they started to key onto my reddish brown. It continued for the rest of the day. All rb's with 1 BT that was 18".
When I left there were 2 people still fishing. Would be interested about the evening.
When I left there were 2 people still fishing. Would be interested about the evening.
You must have been in the pram. Bummer, no idea that was you...saw someone in a boat rowing by as I was getting in. I had been pond-fishing for cutts all day and decided to finish at Pass. The pontoon blew out right after you so just me for the eve.

They're behaving a little differently each night depending on the wind but, for the most part, it's about all those minnows. I can tell they're feeding earlier in the day by the amount of's fishable with work but they're not on fire. Some can be found at depth as soon as shade hits the water, then closer to dusk they'll start cruising the surface out and across. Dry flies work but this weekend I was getting best results running a GRHE off a floater. That gets good but it's not a long window. Soon as the bats appear it all takes a skid.

With each night showing some variation, and fish changing depth so often, it pays to have 2 rods rigged up (floater/full sink). I'm changing spools back and forth and it's a bit of a pain. Tonight the surface got a lot skinnier with the wind turned up so I had to put the sinker back on just to keep drawing strikes as it got late. Also worth mentioning, the spashing that can be seen in the weeds isn't all it's cracked up to be in terms of catching fish. One or two homeruns possible but out a little and down a little is more productive. That's usually the case with minnows out there.

Should see better numbers/easier fishing in eves as it gets into October.
FF , sorry I didn't stop to say hello.I was rowing like a bat as I was Late for a date with the wife because the fishing was excellent. I should have known it was you. The wind was slowly picking up but your right they feed All day very consistantly.