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Has anyone ever tried useing Dog hair as a dubbing material? I was asked if I would donate my time to tie 2 Dozen Trout flies for a chinese auction for The Basset Hound Nationals to be held in Portland in Sept.
Any Pattern ideas? I mean besides the usual "Dogfish" patterns. Thanks, Longears
BTW, Basset hairs are approx. 1" nd are brown, black,red,white,coffee colors. they do have an underfur that looks kind of like beaver dubbing. I don't know if it would float very long (my bassets have short legs :))
I don't know if dog hair works or not.I have a bag of it from my husky and will try it tomorrow night.Bassett fur may be different.One may work and the other not.I tried my own hair after a haircut once and it didn't work.I'll post the results after I try it.

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spin the hair into a dubbing loop so it forms a chinelle like rope, u can then wrap it and clip it to shape nearly any bug


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I've used my dog's hair to tie a Cody-bugger. I dubbed the body with his hair and used a clump as a tail. I used some black hackle and weighted a few of the flies I tied.

Can't say I've caught anything with the fly, but it tied up fine and looks pretty good. My dog is a Keeshond, so his hair is a gray, white, and black mix.


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Not sure about dog hair but I used to have an orange-colored cat whose fur would make wonderful dubbed bodies for ginger variant dries. I'd stick with the underfur and discard the longer, thicker guard hairs.
Thanks Guys,
Now at least I'm not nuts. They said a guy tied a box up at the Florida Nationals for Trout fishing and the Club made $150.00 on them. Who knows???
Knowing that Bassets can't tread water very long I'm thinking of sinking flies :):dunno
different dogs have different coats. i doubt a basset hounds' fur would work since it is course and has no wooley undercoat. id use the undercoat of a dog with a double coat and it would work fine. most cat fur works well. luckily ive got a black/white cat and a brown tabby cat and a liver roan pointer but his hair is worthless for fly tying as far as dubbin material because it is course and short. although you could use the basset's hair like you would elk or deer hair as it is similar. -ryan

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All this talk about using unnatural fur for flies brought this thought to my mind. Since there is Squirill(sp) out there to use,has anybody ever used Chipmunk. The tails should be good.(that is if you can catch one of the fast little devils).