Dream Stream: Redemption

It's happened to all of us. Maybe it's happened to you several times this year. The big one that got away... Maybe he just nosed it, or maybe you pulled the fly right out his mouth as I did last weekend on my favorite creek. But sometimes if you're really lucky you get REDEMPTION! On my favorite eastslope westslope stream I got redemption in the sweetest way over the weekend. You see I had been there the week before and done well, except for that one big guy that was still haunting me. I thought I had probably seen the creek at its full potential but I was blown away by what we experienced on my second trip to the creek this year. I had some buddies along with me and Saturday happened to be Josh's birthday so when we approached the scene of the crime I let him have dibs. The creek is very small and it's more or less one guy to a hole type fishing. After coaching Josh on exactly where I believed he was still hiding, the magic happened and what I'm sure is the exact same fish came up from the depths and gobbled his killer bee. The fight was on but Josh prevailed and we got him to hand. This was just one of many great moments in a weekend I'll never forget. I will mention that this post is missing pics of 4 15-17" cutts shook the hook before I could get them all the way in for a pic. Great times with great friends make unforgettable memories here are a few pics I think you'll enjoy! IMG_8771.JPG
Killa bee fly is the only thing I used all weekend!
Josh with redemption in his hands! A solid 18"!
Caught this chinook by the tail!
Chunky lil bow.
A nice hybrid.
Angela even caught a fat bow her first day fly fishing ever!
This guy likes bees too!
Tons of little lizards out there.
Me with a fat one!
Josh with the same fish.
Spawned out chinook!
Danny with the spawned out chinook.
Me with an absolute monster. Amazes me they get all the way up into this little creek.
Grizzly the dog not really sure what to think.
A scary fresh cougar track.
This pipe looks to fitting on Danny considering he's only 28.
Mike fishing some prime real estate.
This guy was chilin behind a log and I scooped him up for a quick pic and released him unharmed. The previous two were already dead.
614448_4610890159773_438378642_o.jpg 201553_4610897839965_738443352_o.jpg IMG_9194.JPG
This is the barometric pressure sensor read out on Danny's watch as we got back to camp at dusk. We were greeted by quite a lightning show. That lasted several hours, luckily we seemed to be right on the edge of the storm getting the full impact of the lightning and thunder but missing most of the rain. We ended up in the large tent listening to Angela sing and play ukulele as the lightning flashed, thunder rolled up the canyon, smoking our favorite herbs cementing the day in our minds as one that won't be matched for many years.