Looking for ideas on how to transport...

So my Dad just picked up a pontoon. I've almost got him converted from gear fishing now :) We have a 8'x4' trailer and we're thinking of ways to stack or transport both pontoons. Our last trip we just turned them both side ways and were able to squeeze them on there but we wanted something that would secure them a bit better for trips that might be up and down highways or better along bumpy dirt roads.

My Dad drew a blueprint of an idea. Which was basically building a table on top of the trailer using the pockets to put the legs. So you could have one pontoon on the bottom, then a second tier on top for the other. To me it looked good but it looked like a lot of work and I thought to myself surely someone has a less bulky and easier way to transport two pontoons.

I've seen pictures of people stacking them, are there any problems with this? Any rubbing that needs to be padded? Any extra pressure on the bottom pontoon when tied down? Etc...

If anybody has comments or even pictures of what they do and like I'd love to see them.


Jon Brengan

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I've stacked my friends pontoon on top of mine before, just used some old rugs that my wife was going to throw out between the two to keep from abrasion on the tubes and on my car after the boats had been parked on the sandy shore. I think that could be used in your scenerio too.


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A buddy of mine has a small trailer that he modified exactly as you mentioned. We were able to slide one in the bottom and the other on top of the plywood shelve. This gave us plenty of room to stack gear in the bottom between the lower boat pontoons. it worked great!
Okay thanks slim. At the moment we built the trailer forward towards the spare tire so that extended it a little over a foot. The we added a little stop wall to the back of the trailer. We can now safely run the pontoons side by side and so far they strap down well. The problem will be when we go to take both the pontoons and a kayak, that's when we'll need the top rack now. Or we quite simply might just have to break down a pontoon and assemble it on site, haha.