Wonder why I don't catch more of these?


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This happened back in early June, I was fishing Clear Lake in Skagit county for bass. Slow, real slow for bass. Nothing around the shoreline, so I moved out a little and figured maybe they're deeper around about in the pads. Casting around my pontoon in circles carefully working my bug through the pads, I get a chase and a grab. I missed the set. And I'm thinking crap that might be the only hit I'll get this evening. I'm looking at the area where I missed the hit getting ready to toss the bug back in the same spot, and I see something just sitting there on top looking at where my bug was. I'm looking at it wondering the hell that is, thinking maybe a nutria, muskrat, or a small beaver. Then I notice the big bulging eye sockets, I'ts a big ol' bullfrog. So I make another cast just a few feet behind it and off to the side so my line and tippet wouldn't spook it. Wiggled and twitched the bug a little and the frog made a line for it and gabbed it. Wow! Frog on! They put up a decent fight with a strong run for cover and a dive towards the bottom.