WTB Generation One TIVO Machine

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Ed Call

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There is a non fishing, but youth volleyball reason I need a first generation TIVO. Only this version allows video to be delay displayed so you can show them what they just did. Huge training benefit, like casting lessons and video! If you have one, shoot me a conversation. Will buy, trade, figure something out. Many thanks.
I believe I have one New in Box. I'll check tonight. I'm in Florida and it may fit in a Large U.S. Postal Service Flat Rate which is $15.75 across the United States.

I fish mostly Saltwater, but let me know what you have for trade...

Looking for:
  • Small 3 or 4 weight outfit for panfish.
  • Anything 7wt and above for saltwater.
  • Misc. Fly Tying materials.
  • Chest Pack or Sling type carry bag.
I'll check and make sure that I still have the Tivo..
Would you be able to tell if it's the 1st generation by the model number?
Thank you,

Ed Call

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Bob, no idea how to tell. A coaching friend tells me it has to be an old one. He uses hid for immediate feedback for the players and gets excellent results. If you do have it, let's work a trade for sure. Thanks greatly!


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I just donated one to the Ballard Goodwill two weeks ago. Doh! Not sure how they sort and distribute amongst their locations, but may be worth a check.
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