not a blast, more like a "fssst".

Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
I'm hoping I can post a photo of my first grouse taken with one of my bows, a Bear Super Grizzly, but it doesn't appear that I can. It asks for a URL, and I have no idea what that is or where to find it! Sorry, guys! Here's the story anyway;

I'm sitting on Don Adams' back porch getting ready to light up a new cigar-Don had to run to Ryan Patrick winery down town to change a printer tape for one of his folks. I'm sitting on the deck checking over the new stogie when he drives up the road yelling "there's a grouse on the lawn". I couldn't see it from where I was sitting, and he's yelling he's going to get his pellet gun. I tell him "no, let me get the bow", so off I go across the road for my new bow. I had to change tips on a flu flu, put on the armguard, string the bow, grab the arrow, and head out. By this time, the grouse-it was a blue-had jumped the road and was trying to hide under some branches. The first arrow was low, and he flew into the tree above. The next one was right on target, and down he dropped. My stalwart hounds were with me, and Fiona, my oldest, made the retrieve. I'll take a stab at this URL thing and see if I can copy and paste, but if not, the photo will have to wait until I get back from Oregon next week. Nppe, didn't work, so I'll need some help next week!

Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
Patrick, it's a Bear Super Grizzly recurve. I do have an Asiatic composite, but haven't shot it for awhile! I did make flu flus for it, but when I shot one, well... It flu! It's a Magyar bow from the western steppes.

The Super Griz is a replacement from 3rivers archery, when my Bear Kodiak Magnum 50th anniversary bow actually blew up on release! The upper limb shattered in a way nobody had ever seen before, but 3rivers, being the super bunch they are, zipped me this one in three days. It's a little heavier and longer than the Kodiak, but it's a really nice shooter! My draw length might-shouldn't have-but might have exceeded the Kodiak's tolerances. The guys at 3rivers felt it was the fault of the way the glass was laid down on the limb.

Jim Ficklin

Genuine Montana Fossil
3 Rivers is a great outfit with which to do business. Unfortunately, I can no longer draw any of my longbows, but my Son has caught the traditional archery disease, so the legacy (and collection of years'-worth of knowledge & equipment) is being passed-down & perpetuated. It's a crying shame that John is not a southpaw . . .