Omak Lake, Take 2

Got out to Omak Lake again. Fished late afternoon till sundown. Action was slow again. Dad caught one. I caught two, biggest being 2 pounds. My biggest landed on a fly rod. Unlike the previous times out this time the two I caught actually fought pretty well. They weren't just dead weight. They didn't do any big runs or anything but several runs 10 feet.

One 17" was caught on a black woolly bugger with a bit of green on the body, the 2nd at 19" was caught on a hot head damsel in chartreuse.

Felt like the bite was just getting good as we were heading out. Fish started hitting the surface. I wish I brought my camera so I could get help identifying some of the little flies on the water. I believe it was a mayfly, bit of a grey body to it. Smaller then a lot I've seen.

I was fishing slow and deep and it felt like the fish were in shallower water this time around but I found out too late to find out for sure.
Just what I wanted to hear. Those are small baetis you see hatching, along with black lake caddis. They love the mayflies. I've had twenty fish evenings from shore in these situations. Don't try to match the hatch, just use a big attractor pattern like a royal wulff. House and lot variants are my favorite.
20 fish evenings would sure be fun.

The temperature after the sun went over the hills quickly dropped to 60 degrees. I didn't have a temperature reading this time out but I'm sure it's cooling quickly and will be consistently in the 60's soon. It might still be just peaking over 70's mid day.
Walmart is probably the easiest, just walk back to sporting goods. They've got a decent display of flies on their counter as well. I've picked up a few dozen of their flies for $1.16 per which seemed fair. As you're facing the counter look to your right and on the isle you'll see the regulation pamphlets, make sure to grab one of the orange ones. The Tribal fisheries have some unique rules sometimes.