MA 9 - 9/22


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Hit a MA 9 beach today with my son Tim AKA DimeBrite.
We both ended up going 1 for 1. Tim got a very thick buck while I landed a hen.
Mine hit a chartreuse over hot pink clouser and Tim got his fish on a pink over white clouser.
Both takes were solid hard strikes with the fish inhaling the fly, so they are still actively feeding.
Very slow morning with little tide move which was very odd. 8 foot change in the morning with little movement, much better movement with less then a 3 foot change in the afternoon.

By the way, I'm just joking about Tim being my son. I was asked by the beach loudmouth if he was my son. Man that shit makes me feel old...:D
Nice day on the water other then having to listen to mister talkative all day no matter where you were on the beach.
Here is a pic of my fish.
PS Salt 173.jpg
I noticed that too. The tide just seemed to trickle in with no real movement. I got my two including my biggest this year to date, a nice 12 lb hooknose and his little 6 lb brother. First two males this week. Everything else were females whose eggs were fully developed. The big hooknose bucks arrived in Sieku this last Thursday, so they are headed our way. May have to hit Flagger this coming week.
Nice work. I fished my local beach early but it was pretty dead. Same story tonight. Good tidal movement for us this morning, just a lack of fish. Went out again tonight same story. Hope things change in the am


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Dad (Stonefish) and I certainly had to work for strikes this morning, and sat watching the water for current for longer than I enjoy. It was worth the wait though when the silvers came within fly casting range (WHAM-JUMP-SPLASH). I love aggressive coho and late September brings the most memorable fishing. Brian's rod got jerked down so hard I could hear the grab. If only Mr. Beach Loudmouth would have shut-up for half a minute it would have been more enjoyable; my ears are still ringing with his B.S. Kudos to Brian for a very kind act on the beach today, it's not just about catching fish but being a good person:) .

Nice work Blktailhunter on landing the 12 pound silver, I've been trying to get a feeding ocean coho of that size from the beach for several years.


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Caught four wild fish trolling off Picnic Point and Shipwreck today, must be a fair number around in this part of MA9 right now. I heard of some larger (10+ lb) fish caught today during the Everett Coho derby.


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Nice report and fish! It seems there's a local loudmouth for every beach. It can be so irritating sometimes! As Nick said, pretty dead on this side yesterday. I only saw maybe 3 fish landed on the whole beach before 9. Good current and plenty of bait, just no fish.

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Nice fish Tim. You can't keep a good Beaver down!



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Trolling hoochies and spoons. I wanted to go out early to bucktail flies or run my giant 6" herring pattern flies shallow (10-20ft) but my crew didn't get their act together till 2pm. Hope to get back out early to try some surface action with fly rods before it's too late.
This season I've fished a Helios 10' 6 wt and a Redington Link 9' 8 wt. I love the 10' length on the beach but prefer the 8 weight for putting the wood to angry fish and for throwing heavy flies long distance in the wind