Pass or Lone Sunday

Gonna take my son up on the island on Sunday for some stillwater action. Got my hands on a Streamdance GLX 10' 5 wt I'm dying to try out. I'm leaning towards Lone, as I haven't fished it since the spring, but could end up at Pass too. Anyone else gonna be be around be sure to say hi.


Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater
Make sure you two bring your rain gear.
Looks a bit wet on Sunday although Whidbey looks like it will get a bit of the Olympic rain shadow effect.
Good luck breaking in the new stick.


Jeff Dodd

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I may fish Sunday and see you if you are on Lone.

If you want a wind report when you get off the ferry send me a pm with your cell #. Lone gets the wind from the south. Not sure what pass is exposed to.
Ok. A Mumbles delivery is no problem. I can almost hit his house with a rock from here. (Not that I have tried!) Unless the weather goes too crazy well be heading up so just text or call me or whatever.

Jeff ill pm you tomorrow. A wind update would be great


Indi "Ira" Jones
Looks like I'll make it to Pass briefly on Sunday. If anyone is there and they happen to catch me, I'll be sharing some of my horizontal patterns for vertical presentations.