NFR Is it raining ANYWHERE??

Vladimir Steblina

Retired fishing instead of working
Was going duck hunting this morning, but dawned partly cloudy with no rain!!

At least, the front blew the smoke away. But we need some moisture for the dogs nose to work!!!


dead in the water
Nooksack jumped up. Probably not blown out (just saw the N Fork gauge), but on the way up steeply. And I think we're getting significantly more tomorrow.
Rained pretty good up around North Bend earlier today. Was on the South Fork Sno, but unfortunately wasn't fishing...

Got report that it is and has been coming down hard out on the coast where my mom was digging clams.

Vladimir Steblina

Retired fishing instead of working
Never did rain here. Ended up taking a nap in the LaFuma on the deck this afternoon.

Maybe it will rain tomorrow. Be nice to settle the dust down and get better scenting conditions for the dog.