Another MA10 Hen

Went one/one this morning. Not as much of a fighter, but a solid 4-5 pound hatchery hen. Chartreuse/Pink clouser with peacock. Caught right at low tide in a pretty nice current.

Poor fish was uglier than all get out. It must have tangled with a net at some point in its life, because one side of its jaw was all caved in weird, to the point where one eye was almost looking down.

Luckily, they don't have to be pretty to taste good. Gonna go get some brine ready right now!
Good job Jason. Brutal conditions in my neck of the woods this morning. Josh, Matt, and myself fished for as long as we could tough it out but were beaten into submission
I don't even want to think about it up there. It was windy down here, but from the south it almost helps a bit. Not too rainy overall. Just little spurts that would roll through here and there. I was completely prepared to get soaked this morning. Definitely a nice change of pace, I'm glad we're getting rain finally.