Pass Lake Report for 10-17-12

A change in the weather allowed for a decent day on the lake. Very little wind and overcast skies met me as I climbed into my waders and entered the water at about 10:00 a.m. The temperature below the surface felt around 60 degrees. A fair amount of algae remains, slowly breaking up as the cool of autumn sets in. No hatches were apparent, but there was some activity along the shoreline, so I rigged up a brown buggerish fly and began casting into the weeds and retrieving with an intermittent stripping rhythm.

A short time later the first of several rainbows in the 16" range inhaled my fly and gave me a spirited fight, finally deferring to my hand. Further down the lake I switched to a minnow pattern and then things warmed up. Four more rainbows and as many tugs followed, adding to the mix one 14" brownie. Near 1:00 p.m. the sun came out and the bite disappeared.

I kicked back toward my car, entertained by several more short-lived scraps, all ending with long-distance releases. Along shore I heard something rustling in a clump of brush--the masked face of a raccoon poked out from a salal bush. One look at me and he high-tailed it back into the woods. Driving home, I couldn't help but smile: a trip to Pass Lake is all I need to make me appreciate our Beautiful Backyard.

Happiness is a tight line.