SFR: A good flask......?


dead in the water
Is there such a thing as a "good" flask? Or are they all destined to leak eventually?

I've had terrible ones and a couple ones that worked until they died or disappeared. I'm not looking to spend a mint, since flasks are one of those things that have a way of walking off. But I also don't care to smell like a bum after a mad dog bender because my flask leaked.

Old Man

Just an Old Man
I guess carrying a little with you is better than the whole bottle.

I only drink when I'm through fishing. Don't need to get falling down drunk when fishing. I fall down enough as it is now when fishing.

David Loy

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I agree Jim. Liquor doesn't improve my game, fishing or golf. It is nice to have a nip or three late in the day though. The alternative is to keep a bottle in the car but that's not a better idea.

Jerry Daschofsky

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My flask has never leaked. It's the one with a guy playing a fish on it. Gasket inside is the key and if the top screws down solid with tight threads.

My flask is never used while I'm fishing. It's for a pass around nip when we are off the water with cigars

Old Man

Just an Old Man
I don't drink to get drunk, unless it is around a group of Fly Fishers. I try to keep my drinking done at home. Safer all the way around.


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A few years ago Jamieson was offering a nice stainless steel flask as a promo. The special packaging included a fifth of Jamieson and a 5-ounce-capacity flask, all for the regular price (at that time, $26.00 if memory serves). During the several months that the offer was available I bought a few and gave a couple away to friends. While Jamieson is not my favorite brand of Irish (that would be Tullamore Dew), and I wouldn't drink that very popular fookin' proddy whisky on a bet.

Five ounces is a useful size, enough for a nip or two for yourself and a fishing buddy.

Rob Ast

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I think all of the stainless flasks are made by the same factory in China. I have a TU 5oz that looks like the GSI and William Joseph ones, and a 7.5 oz from a local fundraiser that is identical except for the size. I have not tested them extensively, but no leaks yet.
I have a no name one that I got at a gas station that has done the trick nicely for me. I've never tried the GSI flask, but have used a lot of their other products and really like them.


Skunk Happens
Mine has never leaked, but I don't remember where I got it though... My buddy got his from REI many years ago and it is still going strong. Whatever you do, I recommend one with the attached cap. My previous one went to the trash due to a lost cap incident. I ended up getting a funnel anyway because I kind of suck at filling without it and wasted liquor is a shame. Get the one from REI...