A Day of Change at Orvis


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A day of celebration at Orvis Bellevue! Today, Jason Cotta comes on board as Fishing Manager. Jason comes to us from the Roseville, CA Orvis store. He has spent his entire career in the fishing industry and has been traveling the west in pursuit of anything that swims. I will go part time and will also be pursuing anything that swims as well as helping Jason, Yolanda, Bill and Reggie keep up the absolutely great customer service and fishing expertise that Orvis Bellevue is known for! Please make sure you come in and meet Jason as soon as you can!

Klamath Steel.jpg


Indi "Ira" Jones
Is that a small native/wild steel in his hand, that boy looks like he needs an education, I'll be in right away to have a chat with him. If it is instead a nice rainbow, then I will be in right away to have a chat with him. Rip some lips Leland, rip some lips.


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7 million people in the area and they have to bring in someone from California? what's up with that? I'm an Orvis lover and still think that suck's - no pun to the new (to the area) employee but come on. no excuse.