Any love for Type III lines?


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I have an old brown Type III that must be about 20 years old. T-3's get very little press and I seldom hear of anyone fishing them. I like it because it gets the fly down quicker and allows me to fish a little deeper water than my intermediates. It is time to replace the old beater with a modern steady sink line. I am looking at an SA Mastery Uniform Sink Plus in a 5wt. Any thoughts on this-is there something better I should be looking at? I have no experience with steady sink lines but can see that I would probably be better off using them than what I'm using now.



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I have a type II SA uniform sink that is a good line. I hardly ever use it since I got a clear intermediate that sinks almost as fast. The uniform sink lines work sinking tip first. When I'm fishing water deeper than my intermediate line will cover, I use either a bobber and weighted flies or a yo-yo retrieve, floating flies on a type six line, letting the line sink to the bottom and using a fairly short leader to keep them close to the fish.

Ed Call

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I like my type iii and vi lines very much. Each gets used in the right lakes to fish the depths or across drops that hold fish.

Jeff Dodd

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My type 3 is an inexpensive cortland 333 line and this year I have pulled it out several times with success. It will continue to occupying valuable realestate on one of my only 4 spools
Hey Ive,
Highly recommend it. As far as the sink rate, I use a V and keep a II for high up, but it's all relative to where/how you fish. That SA is the only one I care to use and a handful of guys I've put onto it all love it. Only thing to watch for is how the III in that version compares to the one you have. As far as the density compensated part, I think you'll really appreciate the difference (you might already have that in other lines so maybe I'm preaching to the choir here).

Anyhow try that one for sure. If you hate it I'll take it off your hands :D


Tim Cottage

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My first Type III full sink line saw active duty for about fifteen years. When I finally decided to avail myself to the wonders of a density compensated sinker I switched to a Type IV only because the local shop didn't stock Type III. The density compensation made a significant difference. Its the only sinking line I need. Both lines are Cortland.

The new Mastery Uniform Sink "PLUS" lines do not perform the same as the earlier lines without the "plus". First the older lines were two-toned which served as an aide to letting your know that the final feet where close to hand. Next (I have not taken underwater film footage)I believe that more of a belly exists than with the older version. I say this because I feel a strike and sometimes very soon after a fish breaks the surface with the fight on. With the older version the fight ensued in the depths. Lastly, there seems to be a different chemical make-up of the line or added lubricant that makes casting, especially into the wind (a common occurrence in the Okanogan) more of a challenge.

There are a few places out there that have a few of the older versions left and decent prices if you do the research. If you can find one, I would recommend the original.

I use the type III about 40 percent of the time and find myself using the deep 6 line on fewer and fewer occasions. It takes longer (about a foot every 4 counts) to get to the desired depth but the fly stays in the "zone".

Keep in mind other line whores are out there that claim to eliminate the belly; steady sinks, density compensated, etc.
My first full sink line was a SA uniform sink type III. I fished it for several years before moving to WY and fishing the shallow, weedy bowl lakes out on the plains. That's when I got my taste for intermediates and I haven't used my type III in close to 10 years. Now when I target the 8-15' range that I think is ideal for type III sinkers, I either hang bugs under an indicator or fish my type V. I'm sure if I had never tried a type V, i'd still be using the III. They certainly all work.
Love my type three. A Rio I dc I believe. I tend to start most days with my intermediate line on one rod, and my type 3 on another, both with the same fly. If my son and I start trolling ill throw both rods out and see which gets action. Helps get me an idea of where the fish are hanging out.


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Nick, that new Rio Intouch Deep3 dc with the color indicator sounds like the hot ticket to me. At $80 it's a little steep but it will no doubt last longer than I will!



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It says it is new for 2013. I like that it comes in a 5wt which means I can use it on my 4-5-6 rods interchangably. Some of the sinking lines start at 6wt which is not always ideal.