Okanagan River Steelhead

Heading over to Omak for the weekend of November 9-11th. Ill be coaching some basketball clinics in the area but will have some time Saturday evening to get on the water. I am in no way familiar with the river, is there decent fishing in and around Omak?

Ill be heading that way with a friend who does not fish and who will be driving, so access will be limited to the water.

Thanks for the suggestions.


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It's a beautiful river and steelhead will be found in the same type of water that steelhead are found in on any river: i.e. walking speed current with structure and 3'-5' of depth. There is access in town and if you spend a little bit of time driving along the river on frontage roads, you will be able to find places to get on the water. As for flies, any fly that works on other east side rivers will be good.
You should contact the Big R fly shop in Omak, Be careful that you are fishing on the correct side of the river the east side of the river from the mouth to almost riverside is on the Colville indian reservation. There is some access close to and in the towns of Omak and Okanogan. I am from Omak transplanted to Wenatchee.