Help at Lonesome Lake


I was up at Lonesome Lake this weekend, I have heard it is a good place for shore fishing. I tried all around the lake, but had no luck. I tried a dry pattern on the surface and a leech down low. I can't seem to find anything, and sometimes it seems like I am throwing flies to an empty lake. I'd appreciate any points about how to pick flies, how to know there are fish around, etc...

I've been flyfishing lightly for three seasons and I can't show any improvement. I have one fish to my name (caught on the middle-Snoqualmie) so I know I'm not 100% off-base, but I'd appreciate any pointers for improving my chances of catching something, especially on a lake!


Old Man

Just an Old Man
Well it helps that when you are lake fishing that you use something to float with. I've never had much luck fishing from shore either. As for flies to use. Go read those two tales of how to lake fish on the home page. They are very good reads. And will teach you more that I could ever learn. But I'm not really into lake fishing as I prefer skinny water. As I can see from what I just wrote that you probably won't get much out of this. But now it's out there.


P/S The articles are called Stillwater fly fishing I & II