Why cutthroat fishing is such a blast

cutthroat kid

cut throat kid
I went to a beach in south puget sound on Friday and ran into some 14 inch cutthroats in dark murky water that slammed my sculpin imitation so hard I thought they were small resident coho when they put the first bend in my rod and went there runs.

I love the calmness of the water when it is glass smooth and the tide is moving at 2 to 4 miles per hour, knowing that the cutthroat are in there somewhere. I get a great thrill out of their fierce strikes and the bright flash of there bodies that show up out of the murky depths right before the jump and spin in the air.

I love it when I can just sense that they are close , by seeing oyster shells structure, dropp offs boulders and pickle grass.

They are some of the hardest fighting fish pound for pound I have ever encountered and I can always tell right away that is it cutthroat when they hit the end of my line, vs other fish

High Flyin

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I'm right there with you. Love it. Esspecially when you find a spot that not many others know about and you go catch fish consistantly. Not much better.