FOUND - Oar on the Kalama


Inept Steelheader
While bank fishing the Kalama this morning, I nearly tripped in the water while wading. Looking down into the water (about 2.5 feet deep), I saw the culprit... A driftboat oar. Normally I fall into rivers just fine on my own, but this damn oar was going to pay for ruining my normal klutziness. I pulled the sucker out and now I'm looking for its' owner!

The oar is not a cheapo and it is missing its' rubber stop. It seems to have been in the water for a decent amount of time. I cleaned it up a bit and drained the water out. Appears to be a once piece, aluminum frame and is NOT bent at all. Despite being dinged up, it'd make a solid oar/emergency oar for someone.

I back searched other forums a bit and saw a lost Oar on the Kalama post 5 years ago. The post mentioned the head being fractured. This oar head is NOT fractured. I also confirmed with that fisherman that this oar is not his.

Reply to my email below if you think the oar belongs to you or someone you know. I'll need some confirmation info (oar maker, length) and where on the river and when it was lost (should help me narrow down whether you are full of it, or genuine). I have pictures of the oar and will share them if the person seems legit.

Should no one come forward in a reasonable amount of time, I will simply sell the oar to someone who can use it.



Inept Steelheader
Perhaps Sasquatch tipped the boat, ate the occupants and discarded the oars in the process... not all that unlikely based on where the oar was found... :)