NFR Forgive me WFF... (Pic Heavy)

Big E

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...For I have sinned. I spent what was left of summer on my new to me boat, fishing gear and I liked it.

Unfortunately, I got sent back east just as the coho were winding down and just in time for Superstorm Sandy. Hopefully I'll be back before XMas but looking more like maybe Feb. Here some pics of some of the highlights...enjoy and hope to be back on here more often soon.

Here's the boat which lured me to the’s the devil. Finally settled on a name..."AlleyOop" This was the same name my Brother-in-Law used on all his boats when he used to fish the Great Lakes before the fishing went to crap. They came out a week or two after I got the boat for two weeks. Had all these plans to do sightseeing stuff but we ended up fishing all the time. I learned a lot from him and they remember how much they enjoyed fishing from a boat.

Would start out by dropping off the crab pots before we headed out fishing and then pick them up on the way back. We only had a couple weekends at the grounds before the tribes showed up and wiped the bay clean. We moved further down the canal but seemed to catch more red rocks than dungies. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought…you just never know what you are going to pull up in the pots.

My BIL used to run every summer in the Great Lakes and even though he can’t reel in fish (bad shoulders) he had a lot of fun directing the action and getting in on the crabs. My sister, on the other hand, was on every pole that popped up faster than contracting an STD from a dirty girl.

After a few lost fish, my daughter finally got some in the box. We started off with the little ones and then moved up from there. Amazing that these shakers take a lure that is almost as big as them with a 4/0 hook.

It was sure good to spend some time this summer with them. While we may have not limited out every time, we had some great weather and good times on the water.

After over a couple dozen hooksets, I finally got my first go at the rods. Well, I most likely wouldn’t have but it was early and the daughter was sleeping. You get a boat, pay for it the rest of your life, and everyone else gets to put fish in the cooler.

One thing that I really enjoyed about having the boat was out and exploring and seeing new places. I was amazed at how the areas of the Sound were so different; PNP, Twin Spits, Possession, Jeff Head, Shipwreck, Mid Channel. I can remember the first time I went to Possession, it was like something you see on Discovery Channel with all the birds going for bait balls. Seen all sorts out in the boat and the remember seeing a lot of porpoises, almost all the time…yeah and all the seals. But definitely a lot more than I had seen bank fishing.

Overall it was a great summer spent gear fishing. Can’t wait to get out again and try a few flies out.


Ed Call

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Eric, simply awesome. Nice report, great family outing pics and sweet looking craft! Let me know when you are back in the area.
I too fished gear all summer.....and I dont regret it one bit! Almost 100lbs of tuna in my freezer, plus the mahi mahi and yellowtail makes me think it was the right choice. Funny that to me a $200 glass calstar gear rod is the shit, while in the fly world its such small potatoes. Love my Daiwa Saltist conventional reels too.....All still cheaper than fly rodding, but down here, its really hard to get on boats to Mexican waters that cater to fly rodding.


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No shame in saltwater gear angling at all! I've fly fished for almost 30 years and only within the last 4 years discovered the joys of fishing with the downriggers and mooching. Much to my surprise there are so many techniques, set ups and bits of information that are as technical or moreso than fly fishing that the bug can't be shaken. I dusted off my ride yesterday and eyeing the weather for a possible stab at black mouth tomorrow at Possession. If anything, saltwater gear angling has made me a better fly fisherman in understanding time, tides, currents, and habitat. Nice boat btw... Great choice of offshore bracket and power.

Upton O

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Your post seemed to present a sense of gratitude (family, friends, marine life, fish) and enjoyment, well done and congrats on the boat.

Jeff Dodd

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Great report from your summer on the new Weldcraft!

I have this same boat set up just as you have it with the off shore motor mount, etc. It has been a great boat for fishing and family fun. I think nothing about running around Puget Sound. 18 feet is a magic number in Puget Sound IMHO. The perfect length for a smooth ride.

Next July when Area 9 opens for Kings. That is when the downriggers really pay off. Nothing like a King to trip that DR rod.

Jim Wallace

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Good times! No shame in gear fishing the salt chuck! Fishing with gear for bottom fish in the salt stole most of my lake fly fishing time this last Spring. Mostly done from a kayak, though. Your boat looks nicer than my chunk of plastic. Wanna trade?:D


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Very, very nice. I fish gear & fly. And fun with both. Started as a gear guy. No kidding about all the tricks & stuff with salt gear. So much to it. Enjoy. Hope to have a bigger boat some day.

Bradley Miller

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Jim, maybe he would take two kayaks in on trade for his boat? We could share.
Seriously, I looked at bait gear today just so I could fish for flounder (or whatever) if the searuns weren't interested in me; kind of a backup thing. If I have sinned, please don't tell padre mumbles. Actually, I haven't sinned YET. I was just tempted. If the penance for looking at bait gear is buying a fly tying vise, then I'm a happy sinner.