Hevi Beads

Pat Lat

Mad Flyentist
Bro. They catch more fish than eggs with crack sprinkles on top. The key is in the better than real finishes, like lime green. You ever see a lime green egg? Me neither but tell that to the limit of chromers I dusted this morning. And as for scented beads, that's just lame and dirty. I am a purist and would never defile my fishing this way and besides I generally fish in selective or fly only water so it wouldn't even be legal. Tried to get my grandpa to try the bead today but he only swings with an old bamboo rod, I guess you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him rope chromers.
Thats a first, a bead guy refering to himself as a purist
This Dustin Chromers character. And really, I think it is a character, is genius. It wouldn't surprise me if he has never used beads in his life. Just someone trying to yank some chains. If so, he obviously did a great job. And at the same time, being hilarious.

Then again. I could be completely wrong. But, I think many of you fell for it.

At least I got some great catch phrases to use next time I'm on the river.


Evan Virnoche

i bought heavi-beads on saturday at 3rivers only because of this thread. Unfortunately i didnt rope any chromers on sunday. just a coho


Proud to Be Alaskan
What is the fuss, and what vice? I do have a question however and that is are these beads appropriate to use to dress up an intruder or be the egg in am egg sucker pattern. The finishes look rad and they have weight do they not. Sometimes I will use a bead above the hook on a larger pattern as a target, will they break and what size is the hole?
They will break right off
I've never fished a bead by itself. However, I have put a bead on as part of an egg sucking or egg pooping leech. Can't tell you if the fish like the addition or not. But, the beads do have a bit of weight, so it is something to use when you need something more than nothing and less than dumb bells..

Also. A smaller egg is perfect as a way to prop up materials in an intruder style. As opposed to a dubbing ball. Serves multiple purposes.