FYI - Firearms not allowed at Rattlesnake

While fishing at Rattlesnake Lake this past Sunday, I noticed that there were a couple of guys training their dogs for hunting by tossing a throw toy into the lake near the launch. They had parked their vehicles on the launch and went south along the shoreline. As I was getting out and loading up my pram, they came back to the vehicles. I noticed they got a shotgun and were walking back to the lake. He must have noticed me looking as he walked by he said "Loaded with blanks and were training the dogs!"

Not sure it was legal, but I did write to the Cedar River Watershed Education Center to ask about the use of firearms at RSL. I got a response from both the CRWEC and Seattle Public Utilities managers who indicated "Fire arms are prohibited at the Rattlesnake Lake Recreation Area. If you encounter this situation again we recommend you call 911."
For the parking or other issues "for less serious problems, incidents, etc. feel free to call our dispatch at (206)386-1800. This dispatch can contact my Watershed Protection personnel directly for immediate response."

Since I didn't put NFR in the title, the fishing was poor. Only a couple fish with a few being suckers on chironomids for the day. Water temp was 48°. The only good thing was the grebe's or loons left for a while
No argument from me about possession or carrying, but does that include discharging a firearm in a public place which is what they did. (I was not specific about that in this post)


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I've never fished RSL, so I have no idea how "public" it is. However, most land I hunt is public...not sure I understand...

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I've never fished RSL, so I have no idea how "public" it is. However, most land I hunt is public...not sure I understand...
Rattlesnake Lk gets more general public use than most eastern Washington city parks. Very heavily used trails around and leading from the lake,including Rattlesnake Ledge that draws hundreds of thousands of hikers each year. Horses and bicyclists also the lake-side trailhead to access the cross-state Iron Horse Trail. Many families regularly explore the shoreline trail from the north end park to the Environmental Education Center -- both on the shores of the lake.

In short, discharging firearms there would be somewhat akin to discharging in Riverfront Park in Spokane -- lots of people could be impacted, even if just shooting blanks. Clearly not a wise decision.
Yeah, I guess there's "legal", and then there's "wise" or "safe"..I've always used cap guns for training pups myself, never had a problem, but I try and pick my spot...judiciously exercising my "rights" so as to avoid pissing people off without reason.