Bought my first Spey Rod 8136 4

I always knew it would be sooner than later. Just bought a Sage Traditional 8136 4 SLT.
Looks to be in Great shape. Wondering if I did alright on the price... Paid $305.00 plus shipping.

Did some research here, for a first time rod I thought this one would be a good choice. I fish lots of bamboo rods and like a rod that loads deep into the butt section and lets you know when it's ready to cast.

I have a couple of reels and I am wondering if they will be too light to fish? A Sage 509 and a Bauer 4.
What are your thoughts on these two reels? I am sure once I get a few seasons fishing I will get a wide body Hardy Uniqua or Perfect to fish.

Thanks, Robert


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My guess is that the Sage 509 doesn't have enough line capacity for that rod. I use 5 and 6 wt lines and a 400 gr Skagit head on the 509. I think your rod will want around a 550 gr Skagit head and 8 wt short or medium belly Spey line. The Hardy Marquis Salmon II or comparable line capacity reels will hold any line you want to use on that rod.

That thing looks really nice - previous owner must be a heck of a guy (and a great photographer). Thanks for your winning bid - I'm the seller.

The 509 will be a bit small and light for the rod. I would start in the range of a Marquis No. 2 or the other models you listed. Perhaps I should list one...!

Thanks again and enjoy, John


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Smart decision and fine rod sir! I bought the same model a few years ago as my first spey rod. I purchased a Redington CDL 10/12 reel and SA Skagit Spey Multi-tip line. It either works great, because I'm a rookie and don't know any better or it really works great... in any case, it has already caught three fish and swinging fly's is a blast! Have fun.


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Oh, and you did good on the price... I paid $290 on E-bay through Leland upgrade program. From what I've seen they are worth $300+ in good condition.
Thanks, I thought someone on this forum was the seller!
Good deal of info on this site and appreciate all the posts.
Looking forward to swinging flies for steelhead.