Red's Fly Shop - Grand Opening Dec 8,9

Steve J.

Red's Fly Shop
Red's Fly Shop has moved 4 times in the past 10 years, beginning on the front porch of a single wide trailer with one bin of flies and a few worn out pontoon boats. During this process we have never waivered from our undying passion of wanting to see other anglers succeed. This is what has, and will continue to define Red's Fly Shop. Your success is our goal whether it's a guided fly fishing trip, class, group outing, or simply a free piece of advice over a cup of coffee. We will give you everything we've got! Join us this weekend as we celebrate our final move into the new shop building. Come throw a few rods, watch some great demos, and grab a bite to eat. The weather forecast is looking pretty good for the weekend, so drop by the shop then go spend an hour or two wading your favorite run in the canyon! We have always tried to under promise and over deliver, and this shop opening is no different. It is an amazing place that is going to allow us to provide some great customer service advantages. Santa Claus will be here from 1 pm until 3 pm, so don't miss this opportunity to let him know what rod and reel you may need for Christmas! Thank you all for your continued support and hopefully we'll see you often in 2013.

Steve Joyce
Red's Fly Shop
Went over yesterday for the grand opening event. Joe gave informative presentations on both improving the single handed cast and spey casting - I took away a few things I need to work on. Troy gave a terrific presentation on rigging for nymphing. Good food and an impressive new facility. I even a won a hat. Thanks to Red's for a great day.

Paul Huffman

Driven by irrational exuberance.
I tell you what, I'm gonna get a nice haircut and my best pair of shoes and hangout in that new wine bar, entertainin' the wives abandoned there while their husbands float the river.