NFR Laptop or Chrome Thing?


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I'm in the market for a laptop and got to looking at the chromebook's. Since 99% of my use is just web browsing, I'm wondering if this might be the better option? No internal operating system and purported to be virus/malware free...which would be great, because WFF has more bugs than a $20 hooker. :D

During my brief in-store review, it sure looked like there were tons of free applications available and access was quick and with no apparent limitations. Anyone on the forum using these that can provide some candid feedback would be welcomed. Thanks.
I was also looking for a new laptop and was considering the macbook air or even pro. Started reading up on the chromebook and decided to give it a shot so I picked up the 11.6" samsung version. It won't do all the things I could do with a macbook, but we have other higher powered computers for that.

The display wont blow you away but the keyboard is mac quality, very easy to type on, it loads up in seconds, has a ton of free apps, long battery life, and is highly portable (same thickness/weight as the macbook air). The cloud storage works great and the memory is instantly expandable with micro sd cards.

I've checked out the document and spreadsheet apps and they're surprisingly good.



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Check out the windows surface - it's a great machine.

I've been using my Surface RT for the last month or so and really like it. Surface Pro is coming out in January - which will run the full version of Windows. Unfortunately, it'll have half the battery life of the current RT device. Also- the RT version comes pre loaded with Office.

If you want the best tablet - get the RT Surface. If you want full win8 laptop capability - I'd recommend an ultrabook. Ultrabooks have gotten amazing over the last year.
The only downside I can see is that you need a connection to the 'Net to get anything done. But that's pretty easy nowadays. Just fire up a tethering app on your Android phone and you've got it (if you are in cell phone range, that is).

Because Chrome is, at heart, Linux there are technical reasons why there will be less malware. However you do have to watch the apps you download carefully as some of them adopt privileges they really should not be getting.

I got a Samsung Galaxy 7" tablet because it was easy to carry in my Wranglers' pockets but I can't see why a Chrome book wouldn't be at least as useful.



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Posting this from a Surface. Love it. Now I just need to get kids their own since they are always needing for their word/PowerPoint well as wanting to use it for games/movies, etc.


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One more vote for the Surface, I was pleasantly surprised that the whole Windows 8 feel is good and easy to work with. My wife wants to trade her I pad in for one now.


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Thanks for the feedback. Surface sounds interesting, but a bit spendy. Found a used E6410 for 1/3 the price and that will do for now...but I'll be keeping an eye on falling prices of these new devices.
It's interesting that the pundits (and sales reports) of Surface and Windows 8 are being less than kind to the products. But with several WFF members waxing enthusiastic about the products perhaps the pundits are less clue-full than they'd like us to believe.

Hope so... I still have stock in MS. Even though *I* use Linux. :D

Craig :)