There's just something about cast iron...


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Bitterroot, I had the same idea tonight - a big pot of soup.


A cam strap came in handy for critter proofing it when I put it on the back porch to cool.


Big E

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mind sharing the recipe for the habanero cauliflower? That looks aawesome!

What is to the left in the first pic...that looks good too.

Was the cauliflower fermented?

How do you like your Harsch croc?

I'm hungry now for some cali mix.


Love vintage graphite!
Big E,

In the first pic from L to R is Habanero Cauliflower, Pickled eggs, Apple butter. The Habanero cauliflower was not fermented but processed in a boiling water canner. It's awesome!
The second pic is a jar of refrigerator pickled veggies. No processing in a canner but must me kept in the fridge.

I crack open my crock for the first time today. Hopefully all went well and I'll have my first batch of lactic acid fermented sauerkraut. Of course, I will post the results!