Yak area fun

Took off last weekend to the Umtanum campground for a cast and blast weekend. Put on the goat legs and covered some serious ground around the ridges with my "flushing" dog in tow. Will say that the Umtanum area gets a lot of pressure. There was a bloom of orange vests on Sunday. Fortunately young legs got me outside the typical stomping radius. Jumped a few quail and chukar. Most flushed early. Only one chukar knocked from the sky. Dog felt more interested in finding and chasing rabbits, so I rewarded him with taking a few of those out of the population density too. All the hiking and hunting prevented hardly a cast on the river although flows and clarity looked very good from the shore. Did cast a few streamers near the bridge for just a few minutes before the sun dipped below the hills. No action, but I played around with some cool new casting techniques with big streamers. Always nice to get outdoors.

Oh, and two Fish and Game officers came into camp early Sunday. I have a feeling someone called me in and reported me because they drove straight to my camp without hesitation and at first seemed like they were looking for something wrong. No dice. They quickly realized I was a law abiding citizen enjoying the freedoms of a great nation (guns out being cleaned with some campfire coffee in my hand). I'm glad to see them out patrolling and approaching people. They did proceed to write a few tickets while in the parking lot. I respect what they do.



Idiot Savant
It's always good to stretch the legs with a dog, even if there's few or no birds. I missed having Sasha with me last weekend. It's good to see some enforcement in busy areas, keeps folks on their toes. Got a pic of your "flusher"?

Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
I'd guess they (F&G) nailed the guys in the parking lot without the proper pass in the window-$124 ticket, if memory serves. Unfortunately for them, and the state coffers as well, my "senior" pass is good at all BLM sites, of which Umtanum is one. So when you guys hit 62, head for a national park and shell out the ten bucks for a LIFETIME pass. Great little thing to have, just make sure it'll work at the site you're parked at. I happened to ask a ranger, who said "yes, indeed"!