Need help justifying...

Big E

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I'm about to drop a deposit on a vise. Rather not say which one until I have secured purchase. Let's just say that this vise falls into the totally unnecessary category.

I currently have a functional Renzetti 2000 that I use quite often. I enjoy tying probably as much if not more than I do fly fishing. I tie for myself, friends, and the occassional punter who likes what I turn out. I have no intentions of going commercial but tie a lot more than I use.

I probably have more material and crap than I will ever use and I keep buying more. I have totally unnecessary fly rods that don't get used as much as they should. I have flytying reference books that cost more than my overpriced school books.

Going to try and justify the purchase to the wife when I get home from the east coast. Only thing that I have is that I've spun it as an investment...most vises depreciate, this one will not. That and the fact that I've been working a lot of overtime. Needless to say that's all I got and if I can't convince myself, I've got no chance with her.

I need some help from you gear whores who have the lock on justifying totally unnecessary things on coming up with right justification.
Spend as much or more on something for the Mrs. and
don't worry about the justification. It has worked for
me. First time I got my canoe and the wife got the
cruise she always wanted. That was many cruises ago.

Jeff Dodd

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I agree, some purchases you just cannot go wrong because the demand is there and the value, it does not depreciate much if any.

Sounds like this vise will be a pleasure to tie with!

Tim Cottage

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Did you find a LAW vice that someone is willing to sell? What ever it is, you are already aware of the extravagence.
But maybe you can justify it in part by telling yourself and wife that it is the last vice you will ever buy. I say "in part" because it is always a good idea to have at least three good reasons in your pocket for something like this just in case someone can burn a big hole in one of them.


David Dalan

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Well, first my snarky comment...

A vise that requires a deposit? For real? I consider myself a rank amature gear whore now. I bow before your skills in gearwhoring.

Now my semi-useful comment...

You clearly love tying. The only justification I would offer is this. If you are passionate about something, do not wait. Life has an expiration, and you don't know when you'll be punched on the celestial punch card. If your purchase decision does not seriously harm you in some way, waiting to take action regarding one of your passions is foolish.

Ed Call

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You are an artist. The tools in use merely highlight the talent you bring to the table. Only the artist can determine the right combination of tools.