FS Dyna-King Fly Tying Kit with JW Outfitters Fly Tying Travel DynaDynaJWBag

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The following used fly fishing equipment is for sale for $275 NOW $200 plus shipping (Pay Pal Preferred):

1. Dyna King Voyager travel vise and pouch.

2. Dyna KIng Midge Jaws for Voyager vise (Not shown in photo).

3. Dyna King Trim Bag. SOLD

4. Dyna King Profile Plate (some minor scratches). SOLD

5. Dyna King Gallows Tool (Not shown in photo).

6. JW Outfitters Travel Bag, includes mesh bags, vise case, and two thread tubes.

7. Blackstream Fly Tying Travel lamp. SOLD

8. Fly Tying Tools with travel case.

All photos attached showing equipment in super condition. And all the equipment fits inside the JW Outfitters' travel bag. Assembled Fly Tying Kit.jpg Blackstream Light.jpg Dyna-KIng Trim Bag and Profile Plate and Thread Tubes.jpg Dyna-King Voyager and Case.jpg Fly Tying Tools.jpg JW Outfitters Bag.jpg


I'd like to keep the bag and the vise together. I am really interested in selling the vise—I got three others—but I believe and hope that the JW Outfitters bag will help in doing do.
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