Who has been to Andros?

I am looking for advice/opinions on fishing lodges on Andros. I have fished on other Bahamian islands a number of times, and now I am thinking of trying Andros this coming spring. I am not looking for any particular experience on Andros, though I still have a bucket list item of a double-digit bone. I will probably go alone, for some mental R&R. Any of your thoughts would be appreciated.

Bonefish Jack


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Bonefish Jack,

I've never visited Andros, but I really want to make the trip in the next couple of years. Check the photo gallery for Andros shots and you will come up with a list of folks who have made the trip. I believe that some folks associated with Puget Sound Fly Shop made the trip not so long ago. From what I've read it is a fascinating place with a ton of fishing to explore.

Good luck and post a report.
If you check out Deneki Outdoors website, they have a section dedicated to Andros South, with tips on gear and what to expect. It might help get you pointed in the right direction...
I have fished Andros countless times. Please feel free to PM me with any specific questions.

I think Mangrove Cay Club is the best bonefish lodge in the Bahamas. Fabulous lodge and facilities, great food. Better yet, tremendous and seasoned guide staff, great middle bight location. They can run to the Westside by cutting through the bight. Also, they have some good knowledge of tarpon spots depending upon the time of year, I've seen some decent sized permit near the lodge as well. Leslie is the best guide I've been with.
Further south and a good deal less expensive is Mars Bay. Bill Howard runs it, he is a laid back and solid guy. Guides are ok, accommodations fairly spartan but clean. But they are the furthest south of any lodge. They can fish the Water Cays and even a bit around the Westside. Seem to mostly concentrate on the creeks and Oceanside flats south of the lodge.
Kamalame in the north is one of the best couples lodges around. They primarily fish the Joulters. Lots of fish, though smaller in average size it seems.
Bairs is a good choice for accommodations, location is just a bit north or Mars Bay.
There used to be a fly-in lodge on the northern Westside, part fishing lodge, part duck shooting. Can't think of the name of it.
For my money, Andros is simply the best of the Bahamas. It is Alaska remote in most spots, the average fish are quite large, and there are true opportunities for other species should you look for them.

Good luck, again, feel free drop me a note.