What line setup for Deschutes?

Hey there,

So it looks like I have an opportunity to go down to Bend four about four days. I'm hoping to hit the deschutes while I'm there.

From the research I've done it looks like the area around Maupin is my best bet this time of year. I'm hoping to get out and swing for steelhead.

One question I was hoping you all could help with: I've got a 7 wt singlehanded, and I'm wondering what kind of line setup I should have with me. Tips? Long leader? I'm kind of looking to spend some of my Christmas cash.

Anyway, advice would be great! And if you have any other suggestions for fishing the D this time of year, please let me know.

Rob Allen

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Id get either a dt7 or a steelhead taper 7 if the water is cold just use a long leader and some weighted flies. The steelhead there this time of year are going to be dark and tired. Maybe trout fishing would be a better way to go.
Hmm. Deschutes Angler fly shop's website says they'll be closed until the third of January.

Anyone have any other suggestions for shops in the Bend area?
I went down there in October, but everything was blown out and muddy. However one thing that confused me at first: there's a heck of a lot of "entering public land" and "leaving public land" signs around, so I had no idea where I was allowed to fish and where not to fish. Add to this that nearly every parking lot with picnic tables had a fee booth, and I was worried about getting fined or something.

I talked to a couple of locals and they said "park anywhere, fish everywhere. Don't worry about it." good advice. The fee booths in the areas that charge are for overnight camping, not parking.

Don't take this as legal advice (not my fault if it's wrong and you get a fine for parking somewhere you shouldn't) but it worked for me, and the guys I talked to seemed to know their stuff pretty well.
Tracy, you are correct. There are no restrictions on where to fish except you cannot fish on Indian land without a permit and I believe a guide. You can park anywhere. Best to get off the road, however. I always fish below Maupin; no issues. Not sure about the Bend area.