My first flies

Thomas Williams

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Im thinking Pass lake mon or tues. Im gonna keep tying all week too and see what I can come up with. Im already getting a little better. Although if the Wynoochee is in shape ill be out there with my spey maybe. I keep getting good reports from out there.

Big E

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Good job dude...nice work. Recommend that you keep one of them so that you can look back after 10 years and see how far you've come.


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Nice work
Bottom row, far left....that pink color is money on local lakes when the big pink ladies are hatching.

Thomas Williams

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Thanks everyone. Oh that little pink guy is tied with glow in the dark v-rib. Its supposed to glow reddish orange. I'm gonna try is at dawn and dusk. Here's some orange soft hackles I just tied. I don't think I had the right hackle but whatever it will buff out. Those 3 flies took me a little over an hour. I'm already addicted and my neck hurts. I think my vise needs to be higher or my chair lower. Thanks for the positive feed back. uploadfromtaptalk1356673435945.jpg

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very well done. and looks like you have a steady hand. try this. my dad started teaching me at 6yrs old and part of it was taking pattern books and tying a dozen of one pattern a week to help build my fly vocab. in not time you will have a vocab of lfies for any species of fish. your a good tier and definatly ready for the tying expantion challange. lol