MA 13 Report


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Hey Boot I was there on Tuesday
Saw one nice cutt in the rock garden
Lots of trees down on said island
A big sea lion was roaming south of there
Great birding
Got the last of the rock crab for New Year's Day brunch

That fog was thick yesterday
Was it ok out there?


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Nice photo Wadin' Boot. I caught my first ever saltwater cutthroat in that area, and also my first really big 19+ cutthroat. Fond memories.

Later this winter and spring when I start fishing MA-13 for resident silvers I'll be happy to contribute fin tagging information for Don's committee.
I would like to try this MA 13 place... I have only fished for SRC once since I've started fly fishing. And never attempted coho on the fly. MA 13 directions would be great but I recon any place I can get my line wet with the chance of catching something would be awesome. Anyone willing to pass on any info. I think I should add, I don't have boat. So maybe this makes me SOL...

High Flyin

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There are multiple places that you can catch these fish from the beach. So, you're not SOL. Look at a map for Parks that are on the water and start there.


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A couple of notes

I have seen good numbers of rezzies at different spots but this is the first time they came into my local hole

Fish are large for this time of year
The coho were keying on something on the bottom
It was essential to get the fly down to them

I tried a gurgler and received one swirl
Switched back to the intermediate line (which is a pain in the kayak)with the classic chartreuse clouser and fish on

It was an hour after high slack when they became active
A sandy /muddy beach with downed trees

He was adipose clipped and had an empty stomach

Tacoma Red

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Your fish reminds me of the response that John Steinbeck made when asked to comment on Hemmingway's Old Man and The Sea. He said something to the effect that he was more concerned about a fish that would fit in the frying pan than be put up on the wall. Yum! but where are the lemon slices?

Rotato: Thanks for pics. Also good advice for James.

James: Get Chester Allen's book on Sea Run Cutthroat fishing. Much of the advice and info he gives can be applied to coho. Good Luck.