Tropical Line for 6WT Switch


Just call me Jon
Heading out to Moloka'i for some bonefishing with Capt. Clay Ching. I've screwed up my elbow something fierce, so single hand casting can be painful at times...thinking about taking my 6WT switch. Any thoughts on line recommendations?

Here are my thoughts:
Tropical Outbound Short - 8WT: Keep it in the family, I currently use the coldwater version of this line
Bonefish - 8WT: The head looks a bit long for switch use...thoughts?
Bonefish Quickshooter - 8WT: Head looks a bit on the light side?


Anyone have any experience with these lines, or thoughts on their applications?
Hawaiian waters often don't get as warm as 'tropical' places and a lot of seasoned Hawaiian fly guys will use normal lines over the Tropical series of different brands.

The Coach is a fan of the Cortland clear lines (the newer ones- not those horrible old ones that came out years ago). I like the Monic lines myself (again, clear, but that's on the single-hand).

Check out and go over a few blog entries. Clay and the crew that 'bomb' the beaches with the switches and speys tend to use your typical steelhead rigs (scandi's, skagits, etc.).

Maybe shoot Mingo a message as well- he has lots of Hawai'i fly experience. If you have a regular Rio OB, then I'd stick to it over spending beer money on a tropical line that isn't needed.
If you do go with a tropical line, use your cold water to judge the correct size and then get the same in a tropical. That way, you'll most likely be okay. I use tropical Outbounds and cold water ones alike but in the temperature areas where they are appropriate. I don't know the temps in Hawaii but you could check the internet for some guidance. I'd hate to go with a cold water line only to find that the thing turned into an uncastable noodle in the warm water. It doesn't take much of a temperature change to wimp out a line in warm water.