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These flies or to some, lures were available about 20 years ago and I successfully used them on Kings. I don't remember where I got them or their name. The three in the picture are you finish flies and can be adorned with flash or fish pattern stickies. Anyone remember their name or source?



The "kit" for "tying" the Wiggle Bug was sold by Edgewater Popper Bodies. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, Edgewater either sold out or went belly up. I can't find any of their products other then on places like E-Bay.

Anyway, Edgewater was the company that sold the bodies and they were indeed called Wiggle Bugs... they never worked for me.

However, I've been experimenting with some bait fish patterns that use a lip and those do wiggle like a Flat Fish and work for me... at least for warm water fish. I haven't had a chance to try them for andromous fish.


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And ... how effective are they?
I think that question was directed at my wigglers........because my photos were in the quote.

The answer is alarmingly effective. At times anyway.
Here's a story I wrote way back when, that I never did get published.

What distinguishes my wigglers from most others (that I see on the net) is the line placement. I always run the tippet out through the middle of the diving bill, and not at the top. Wigglers are tricky to balance properly. I use closed cell foam to create buoyancy at the upper rear end. Weight (beads or lead) at the lower front. And run the line out through the middle of the bill. I always make the bill too big at first. Each one has to be tuned (only once) at streamside, with toe nail clippers. Once they start to dive and wiggle in a straight line. You done. You can fish it until you lose it.

They are particularly good for snaking downstream into log jambs and bank side hiding places.
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