NFR How to watch Seahawks?


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So I am one of the unfortunate Dish customers in eastern WA who cannot get Fox until the parties involved pull their heads out. That means no Seahawks game this weekend, and as far as I know we cannot get antennae reception in Pullman. Any suggestions on how to watch the game? Can we get it on the internet some how?

The ironic thing is that we dropped Directv in the fall because they were fighting with Fox, so we switched to Dish to get the Seahawks and the Pac12 network.
You could come over to my place in Moscow and listen to my neighbors scream and carry on. You still wouldn't see the game, but you'd have a pretty decent idea of what was happening...


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I use a bar at times and other times I watch it streaming on-line. Most times I don't watch at all but this is playoff time.


Go buy a pair of digital rabbit ears. They cost about $20. About 5 years ago the government required the networks switch over to digital broadcasts making the picture for networks "free TV" in HD. It comes in better than Dish or Direct HD here in Tri.

Don't go hook up the old antenna on the roof it's not digital.


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I called Dish last week and complained and they gave me 1 month of NFL Redzone for free. It only gave us pieces of the game but it, along with the radio was what I used. Very disgusted with this but it seems like Direct has issues as well.